VII ARC - Fanclub

VII ARC - Fanclub


We believe that since Patreon, we could increase our quality significantly and that our supporters should be privileged to become a part of VII ARC by submitting their wishes & feedback!

We decided that YOU are our label! Your support allows us to break free from the industry, makes us independent & empowers our vision the most!

Only the overwhelming support by the ARCoholics on Patreon allowed us to produce and release our new album 'ATONIA - The Void of Tartaros - '. We were able to create a new look for our music video to 'NIL' and hired professional fotographers, make up artists and videographers for several shootings! Moreover, we could start working on several new and upcoming productions in order to release more new content for you - faster & better!

YOU are significantly involved in our productions and a fixed part of VII ARC. Your feedback & ideas are directly influencing our creative process – YOU decide when, how & what we release!

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